Unexpected rain creates heavy losses for salt farmers in Mon State

February 6, 2024

HURFOM : Unanticipated rains from January 26 to 30, 2024, has led to a decline in the production rate of salt in Mon State, creating financial losses for salt farmers.

Salt producers are also facing sharp increases in the price of gasoline.

This is the second time (of unexpected rain). All salt at the farm is diluted. So, we have to hire workers again to recover the diluted salt. The labor fee is also high. We have to buy gasoline again. There is a huge loss,” said a salt farmer.

In early 2023, 1.63 kg of raw salt was priced at 250 MMK but in late 2023, the price dropped to 160 MMK.

If the rain had not destroyed our salt, we would have produced many, many tons of salt this year. Now, more than 30 acres of the salt farm was destroyed. It’s equivalent to 25,000 tons of salt,” said a salt farmer.

Some salt farms in Ye Township were forced to stop their business operations since the attempted coup began on February 1, 2021, which led to a sharp increase in gasoline prices. For the last three years, remaining producers have endured many challenges.

Here, we did not stop our business even though gasoline prices are high. We have only this business for our livelihood. The gasoline price is high and the salt price has declined so we have lots of difficulties. We have had to borrow money. We would have paid our debt after selling salt,” said a salt farmer from Pa Nga village, Thanbyuzayat Township.

Salt farms in operation in Ye, Thanbyuzayat and Thaton Townships normally produce more than 40,000 tons of salt.


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