The HURFOM was founded by pro-democracy students from the 1988 uprising and more recent activists and Mon community leaders and youths, and it main aim is for the restoration of democracy, human rights and genuine peace in Burma. HURFOM is a non-profit organization and all its members are volunteers who have the same opinion for the same aim. HURFOM has six main projects, namely;

  • Human Rights Documentation and Dissemination Project
  • Human Rights Data Management and Advocacy Project
  • Woman and Child Rights Project
  • Human Rights and Civic Education Project,
  • Human Rights Defending and Community Participation Project
  • Civil Society Development Project
  • Mon Newspaper Project

Human Rights Documentation and Dissemination Project

HURFOM human rights field workers collect information on human rights violations in both urban and rural areas in Mon State, Karen State and Tenasserim Division, such as collecting facts and SPDC orders’ to village leaders, taking photos of the places where human rights abuses are committed and consulting with community leaders and victims. Most human rights workers also reside in these villages and camps, keep contact with the main office and receive instructions from main office about when and where to travel to document these cases.
This “Human Rights Documentation and Dissemination Project” has two main activities:

  • Monthly Production of “The Mon Forum” publication
  • Human Rights Documentation Awareness Workshop/Training
  • Production of special report

HR Data Management and Advocacy Project

There is a relation between human rights data management systematically and advocacy to the international community. HURFOM believes that although it has involved in some advocacy activities and collaborated campaign with other organizations, but it needs to conduct systematic data management and effectively involve in advocacy activities.
HURFOM has the following activities in this 2007-2008 Project Year under this project

  • Martus human rights bulletin system
  • Human rights database and communication flow technical skills
  • Video documentary
  • Advocacy tools production

Human Rights and Civic Education Project

  • To educate the Mon communities about concepts of human rights and general knowledge on democracy, peace, ethnic people rights and federalism according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international principles.
  • To introduce the grassroots Mon population with ideals behind the struggle for democracy and the important role of international community.
  • To raise awareness of grassroots Mon people in terms of health, education, environment, community development and etc., whereby encouraging their active participation in developing themselves and their community.


Printing a quarterly Mon Language Journal “Khit Poey”.
Printing Education Book like Democracy Book, Federal Book, Human Rights Hand Book, Human Rights Defender Book.

Capacity Building, provide Human Rights Training, Federal Studying Training, Human Rights Defender Training, and Human Rights Trainer for Training and Human Rights Defender Trainer for Training.

Human Rights Defending and Community Participation Project

  • To strengthen the community participation and coordination to defense the human rights violations by means of non-violent, by learning the SPDC’s exiting regulations, legal system, laws and orders.
  • To introduce the community leaders and civil society leaders the techniques of defending human rights violations that happens in their community and let them try to reduce these violations.
  • To encourage to practically involving in activities or movement related to their rights and defending human rights violations happened in the communities.


Supporting information about laws, human rights and human rights defending techniques (to the community people).
Creating media contact and networks among the communities.
Mon CBOs (Community Based Organizations) Seminar – Networking for Community Empowerment

Civil Society Development Project

  • To build up capacities for the Mon civil society organizations, which bases on religion, literature and culture, youths, women, entertainment issues in terms of organizational management, strategic planning, networking and collaboration, advocacy, etc.
  • To create network among the different communities and civil society groups to share information, knowledge and technique how they have been involved in empowering themselves in the community level.


Program & Organization Management School for Activists from Mon CBOs
English Upgrading Class for improving English language skill of the university students (youth), women, and activists.

Management Workshop to people who involves in community development movement, community leaders, religious and social activists to contribute the concept of the organizational management and strategic planning, networking and cooperation, and advocacy.

Alumni Meeting for the graduates so that they could discuss and make future plans to acquire a stronger society.

Mon Media Project

  • To break the government’s restriction on freedom of expression and assist information sharing on news and events daily happened in Mon areas and the other parts of Burma to Mon community in Mon language and other communities with Burmese language.
  • To introduce the grassroots Mon people about the domestic and international struggle for democratization of Burma and restoration of national reconciliation.
  • To encourage Mon people to have their voice by informing their situation in an independent newspaper like the practices in many democratic countries around the world.


Every month printing Mon and Burmese languages Newspaper “Guiding Star”
Reporter Training

Woman and Child Rights Project

  • To monitor the woman and child rights situation in Mon areas and southern part of Burma, by collecting information about their real situation in the reference to the CEDAW and CRC Conventions, and distribute this information to our international network.
  • To empower and educate women and children in the Mon community, by providing information on their rights accordingly to CEDAW and CRC and encourage them to participate in the struggle in protection of their own rights.


Printing a quarterly English language Newsletter “The Plight”
Printing a twice Mon and Burmese Languages Journal “Our Right Journal”
Capacity Building, provide Women Rights Training, Child Rights Training, Women Rights Trainer for Training and Child Rights Trainer for Training
Women Internship program
Join International Women Day, International Child Day, Violence against Women Day
Collecting news for women trafficking, violence women, trafficking children, child solider.