Human Rights Data Management and Advocacy Project


  • To systematically document all HURFOM’s past information on human rights in database system and keep in safe store and use these information for advocacy activities.
  • To produce ‘video documentary’ on human rights situation in Mon areas and use these data and documentary for HURFOM and collaborated advocacy activities.

Assessment for Project Implementation:

Over 13 years working in the fields of human rights documentation and dissemination of information on the SPDC’s atrocities against the people and HURFOM believes that there has been a lot ‘historical records’. This bad history should not return back to Burma when there was peace and unity in Burma in the future. From the field human rights information collection, HURFOM has the following records and data on the SPDC and Burmese Army.

  • The orders on forced labour, tax collection, extortion, etc.
  • Information and facts on human rights violations and abuses
  • Records and photos on human rights violations (conscription of forced labour and porter service, torturing and inhumane treatment, etc.)
  • Records and photos related to development projects (gas pipeline construction, road construction, etc.)
  • Records and photos related to militarization (land confiscation, troops deployment, forced labour in military barracks, etc.)
  • Testimonies with human rights victims

The data management on human rights and documentary in this project will support mobilization, campaign and advocacy activities in domestic (in Mon communities) and internationally. Therefore, HURFOM believes it is necessary to increasing use data management and documentary in campaigns and advocacy effectively. Additionally, in the current Information Age, it is a serious need for HURFOM to improve IT and Communication skills in order to systematically document all human rights situation.


There is a relation between human rights data management systematically and advocacy to the international community. HURFOM believes that although it has involved in some advocacy activities and collaborated campaign with other organizations, but it needs to conduct systematic data management and effectively involve in advocacy activities.

HURFOM has the following activities in this Project:

  • Martus human rights bulletin system
  • Information Management System (IMS) and HR database skills training
  • Video documentary