Fifty villagers arrested after a regiment enters Yebyu Township

November 21, 2023

HURFOM: On November 18, 2023, a military regiment entered Mu Du village in the Dawei Special Economic Zone, Yebyu Township, Tenasserim Division. They arrested nearly 50 villagers and torched houses, reported local residents.

In the morning of November 19, the military regiment had an armed clash with a local People’s Defense Force.

There was lots of shooting of small and heavy weapons. The military arrested a man and a woman in the village and forced them to escort them to specific houses. Then they burnt down those homes. Now, we’ve heard that even the IDP camp was burnt down,” said one villager.

After that, the military regiment arrested about 50 villagers and stationed them at the village school.

We don’t know how many houses were burnt down. The regiment is still in the village. All residents have already run away,” said the villager.

The local villagers from Na Bu Lel and Lel Shaung villages, Yebyu Township also fled from their homes.

In October, 2023, a military regiment entered Mu Du village and burnt down about 20 houses. The regiment also broke into and destroyed another ten houses.


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