Lamine Youth Charity Association wants justice for member killed by police

August 5, 2022

HURFOM: At approximately 11 pm on July 31, 2022, police and security forces from the Lamine Police Station based in Ye Township, Mon State shot and killed a young social worker.

The police claimed a suspicious person approached the police station, and in response they shot at the individual. However, personal items, and the motorbike and blood stains were found in Myo Ma (3) Ward which is about a mile away from the police station. Police claim the individual they fatally shot was found nearby the police station in Myo Ma (1) Ward.

Lamine residents are questioning what actually took place that resulted in the death of  the young social worker.

The Lamine Youth Charity Association has said they will continue to work to see the truth uncovered and bring justice for the death of their member. They sent an appeal letter to the Mon State Chief Minister on August 4, 2022.

What we want is justice. The incident happened at Myo Ma (3) Ward but his dead body was found nearby the police station. We want  the truth to be revealed. We are  trying to punish those responsible for this killing and for his family to be  compensated. said an official with the  Lamine Youth Charity Association.

If there is no response from the Mon State Chief Minister, the Association will find other ways to pursue the matter.

We haven’t requested help from any organization. We’ve just sent an appeal letter to the Mon State Chief Minister. If there is no improvement, we’ll try other ways, said the official.

There have been many differences between what the evidence reveals about the shooting and claims from the police regarding this incident. Lamine residents are a growing suspicious of the police station’s explanation of events

The statement of the police station is impossible. There was no reason that the young boy approached the police station at night. There were also blood stains and personal belongings found at a scene far from the station. According to the police station, he left his motorbike and walked to the police station. It’s insane, said a member of Lamine Youth Charity Association.


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