Women in Dawei Prison in urgent need of health care and personal hygiene products

August 4, 2022

HURFOM: Female prisoners in the Dawei Prison located in Dawei City, Tenasserim Division are in urgent need of personal hygiene products and health care services. 

The Dawei Prison has more than 100 female prisoners and 40 of them are political prisoners.

The women in the prison need menstrual pads and personal hygiene products. They also need health care services. The prison officials have barred some female political prisoners from access to health care, said a source close to the prison.

Because it is now the rainy season,  the  prisoners do not have any covered space to hang their clothes. They must wear unwashed clothes and use wet clothing as bed sheets.

Prison officials are forcing the prisoners to do hard labour. Only those who can offer bribes ranging from 300,000 to 500,000 Kyat are able to avoid doing hard labour.

Media members who have reported on these abuses and oppression of women in the Dawei prison, are subjected to intimidation and harassment by prison staff and officials.


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