Armed group extortion efforts leaves villagers feeling unsafe

May 6, 2022

HURFOM: According to local reports, Nai Chan’s Ramanya Army, an armed group active in Southern Ye Township, in Mon State, has been demanding a fortune from villagers. The Ramana Army demanded money from village Abbots and Administrators, claiming the funds were needed to buy weapons to revolt against the military junta.

Local villagers are worried about their safety and do not go to their plantations or go outside at night.

After hearing about their demands for money, I think there will be a huge problem to travel or go around. Now, we’re afraid of going to our plantations. We already have to struggle a lot to make a living due to unsettled politics. If we can’t meet their  demands we fear that they will  kidnap villagers and demand money in exchange for their release. So it isn’t okay to go to our plantations for work at the moment,said a resident from Ah Baw village, Ye Township.

According to the locals, the Ramanya Army had secretly entered Ah Lae Sakhan, Kyauk Kadin and Kywe Tha Lin villages, Yebyu Township, in the Tenasserim Division on April 27, 2022.

We’ve heard that they would enter the villages. Everyone is trembling with fear. Now, nobody dares go outside after 8 pm, said a local villager from Yebyu Township.

According to local sources, the Ramanya Army is led by Nai Chan and has demanded 125 million Kyat from villages in Southern Ye Township, in Mon State and from Yebyu Township, in the Tenasserim Division.


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