Regime still fails to improve human rights before the 2010 election

February 24, 2009

Although the Burmese military regime is planning to register new political parties and hold elections in 2010, it has made no concrete progress or plan to improve the human rights in the country.

Just recently, the United Nations Human Rights Special Rapporteur visited Burma to learn about the human rights situation. After the visit, he announced that there has been no improvement. Arbitrary arrest, detention of political and social activities, forced labor and forced relocations in rural ethnic areas all still continue.

Currently, the ASEAN countries are also trying to develop an ASEAN charter, with plans to guarantee the rights of all citizens in ASEAN countries. In order to implement human rights principles in this region, many other ASEAN countries should consult and work with each other. And cooperative, coordinated action between western countries and ASEAN members is vital to push the Burmese generals to respect and uphold human rights in Burma.


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