Thanbyuzayat political parties unsatisfied with UEC response

December 15, 2020

HURFOM: Political parties from Thanbyuzayat Township, in Mon State are unsatisfied with the response of the Union Election Commission(UEC) and the Township Election Sub-commission, who have both denied requests  to share electoral information.

On December 10, the Thanbyuzayat Mon Unity Party (MUP) held a press conference to announce their dissatisfaction with these decisions.  

We want to re-check the voting list and check the list of eligible voters from the Township election sub-commission. They replied they would provide the documents after getting approval from the District election sub-commission. But later, they said they needed approval from the UEC to share the information. Then, they said they couldn’t fulfill our demand,” said Nai Aung Myint Sein, an Mon Unity Party (MUP) candidate with the Thanbyuzayat House of Representatives.

U Naing Oo, a MUP candidate with the Thanbyuzayat House of Nationalities,  Nai Aung Myint Sein, a MUP candidate of the Thanbyuzayat House of Representatives, and U Tun Myint Kyaw, aka Nai Min Latt, an MUP candidate with the Thanbyuzayat Mon State Parliament Constituency #1, all met with local media and shared their disappointment with the response of the UEC.

What we doubt is that the number of actual voters were more than is on the list.  [We are concerned] that some voters were under the eligible age to vote, and that the voting list did not have transparency. We want to confirm [if] these [are] errors, so we demanded the original lists from the election commissions. If they don’t share it with us, we’ll report [the matter] to the President,” said Nai Aung Myint Sein.

The UEC stated that any electoral disputes or allegations of  fraud, must be  done by filing reports in accordance with the electoral law Chapters #13 and #14.  The UEC also said  they could not share the requested electoral information publicly. 

The Thanbyuzayat Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) plans to organize a protest against the UEC decision on December 15th. The Chair of the Thanbyuzayat USDP, U Soe Naing said thier protest would target the UEC, not the township election commission.

The USDP has submitted about 50 electoral cases to the courts after the National League for Democracy (NLD) said they would challenge the outcome of five USDP candidates who won seats in the 2020 election.


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