47 year old male charged with buying a minor for the purpose of prostitution

November 29, 2019

HURFOM: Local people in Myay Nee Kone Ward, Mawlaymine, Mon State, noticed a young girl crying in front of a guest house near the train station. They contacted the police in Dye Wun Kwin.

It was soon discovered the 17-year old had been reported missing from her home in Yangon, for the last two months. Police learned that she had been brought to Mawlamyine by a 47-year old man who drove a taxi. The man gave the young girl alcohol at the guest house.

The man has been charged under article No.373 Buying minor for purposes of prostitution, by the police after Tauk Pa Kyal (Bright Star) a human rights group reported the incident and noted the man had seduced an underage person.

The charges if proven upheld can result in up to a 10 year prison sentence and/or a fine.

The victim is from, Yangon, and lived together with her mother, but currently is being cared for by the Mon State Women and Children Upgrade Committee.


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