DKBA using forced labor in Karen State

November 25, 2008

HURFOM: Democratic Karen Buddhist Army Battalion No. 907 forced ten villagers into forced labor during the second week of November in Kawkreik District, Myawaddy Township, Karen State.

The troops, led by Major Ka La Nar, forced residents of Ya Thayt Kyaunn to build barracks in Pa low hta pho village from November 13 to 17th. The villagers were not allowed to return home during the five-day work period, and were forced to stay with the army.

The villagers were not paid, nor were they provided food or other support. “We had to bring our own food and we had to work for free,” a forced labor victim told HURFOM. “We also had to leave our jobs behind. This is our situation. That is how life is in this area. The force labor happens nearly every month. We have no time to work for ourselves.”


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