Nine villagers food poisoned by market fish in Ye

November 2, 2016

On October 17, 2016, nine villagers from Duyar Village, Ye Township, Mon State have suffered from food poisoning after eating seafood bought from the local market.

According to a local resident, U Tin Shine, nine villagers had eaten locally-sold fried prawns from the village market of Asin Village on October 17. They suffered from diarrhea and vomiting on October 18. Three villagers had been treated in Mya Myint Muo Clinic in Ye and the rest were treated at the village clinic.

“We suffered from a form of diarrhea that we’ve never encountered before. Our stools were black as if we were poisoned and our symptoms looked like those of dengue fever. Our body temperature was high and we had muscle pain. I think the prawns we ate were contaminated with chemicals. If not, we suffered because of the sauce,” said U Tin Shein, one of the men that had food poisoning.

“After Thadinkyut Festival, we fried the prawns. The doctor told us that we have food poisoning. As soon as we found out, we went to the village clinic. But there was no sign of recovery at the clinic, and therefore we went to the Ye General Hospital,” said U Mar Lar.

All the patients had eaten prawns and suffered from diarrhea and vomiting; therefore, U Mar Lar said food poisoning must be due to the prawns.

In order to get a large profit, seafood traders have been adding chemicals to their products to make them appear fresher for a longer period of time. Seafood contaminated with chemicals is very dangerous for customers; therefore, the government authorities must educate seafood traders about the consequences of using chemicals.








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