Missing Kyaikmayaw Township Teen found Trafficked and Raped

October 19, 2016

On September 14, 2016, a girl between the age of 16 or 17 from Kyun Kone village in Kyaikmayaw Township disappeared at 4 am in the morning.

According to reports, the girl usually goes to the Karina village market to sell flowers at 4 am but on the morning of September 14, a strange car stopped on the road and the driver started conversation with her by asking where the nearest petrol station is. After she showed him the petrol station, he did not go there, instead he told her that he would like to bring her to the market.  When she refused, he forced her into the car. The child reported that on the drive, the man raped her.

Mi Jalon Htaw, Karina village administrator told HURFOM, “on September 14, 2016, we heard from her parents at 7 pm that their daughter had disappeared and not been heard from since 4 am when she usually goes to the market to sell flowers.”

On October 7, 2016, Mi Jalon Htaw received information about the victim from someone unknown. The young girl was found in a restaurant called Yadana Htet KTV in Mawlamyine. On that day after receiving this information, Mi Jalon Htaw went to Mawlamyine to bring the victim home.

“It was 11 pm when we got her. The next morning, we informed the police in our village and then we met with the anti-trafficking group to open the case in Kyaikmayaw Township Court.” said Mi Jalon Htaw. After that, the anti-trafficking group, police officers from Karina village, polices officer from Zayar Myine quarter and quarter administrator in Mawlamyine, the victim with her parents met with the owners of Yadana Htet restaurant.

“After the anti-trafficking group asked her for details of the incident they opened the case as a human trafficking incident. We would also like to open a rape case as the girl was also raped in the car.” On October 11, the case was officially opened as a human trafficking incident. For the rape case, they said they first want to check the victim.

There have not been any reports about who the perpetrator is yet.



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