Divorced midwife embarrassed by cyber-bully

September 12, 2016

It is reportedly known that a divorced midwife from Northern A-nin Village, Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State has been targeted by a cyber-bully. It has been said that the perpetrator is her former husband who lives in Kyat Zu Taw Village, Lat Pan Shay Village Track, Taung Twin Gyi Township, Magway Division. She left her husband on July 20, 2016. The couple does not live near each other and have therefore not been able to end their marriage legally.

According to the victim, he posted a group photo of the woman with her co-workers and spread a rumor that she was charging her patients an extra fee and that she was involved in the drug trade in her village. He also accused the village headman of A-nin Village for allowing and involving himself in the widespread drug trade.

“He is waiting for my response. When I don’t respond, he starts to spread rumors in my workplace. I’m very surprised by his manner,” said the woman being cyber-bullied.

After the break-up of his marriage, the man became emotionally unstable and posted both abusive and apologetic messages online. His ex-wife is very disappointed by his actions because she has had to give explanations to his actions.

“A marriage is official but a divorce needs an approval by a jury. If he continues to post abusive messages, I get into more and more trouble. I hired an attorney from Thanbyuzayat and submited a divorce petition. The jury requested for him to go to court but he didn’t turn up. The jury said if he fails to come three times, the legal process will continue without his presence,” said the victim.

“Since after his marriage to my daughter, he has never treated my family very well. After they divorced, he defamed my daughter. I’m very sympathetic about my daughter. My daughter is a civil servant so defamation costs her a lot. She just stays in her room after returning from work. We cannot do anything but blame her karma,” said the victim’s mother.

A co-worker of the victim and a member of Shwe Par Ra Mi’s Health Foundation, said he would sue the man if he continues posting abusive messages. He mentioned that he would start legal action to protect her co-workers dignity and that of other women.“We don’t want her to close her pharmacy and quit her job just because of a stupid action. I think her husband is mentally unstable. He has nothing to do but posts abusive status online,” continued the co-worker.


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