Police extort money from arrested young people in the Mon village

August 14, 2007

The Mon Forum

It was reported that on August 14, 2007, five youths from Hnee-padaw village in Mudon Township were arrested at night time by the police for sitting in a public rest-house along the street. Following the arrest the police demanded money from their parents for releasing them.

Police personnel from Kamawet police station entered Hnee-padaw village at night and arrested the youths.

“Traditionally Mon youth always wait for their female friends at the public rest-house,” a Hnee-padaw youth said. But the police did not accept the argument and booked them under the “law act of living in shadow” and demanded Kyat 100,000 per youth for their release.

Similarly on August 10, the police from Kamawet arrested 11 youths from Kwan-Hlar village and demanded money.

“Three of my friends who are late to back their home from outing were fined by the security police troops led by Khin Soe, a member of the middle ranks in Kamawet Police station. Each of them have to pay Kyat 30,000 as fine,” according to A Myo, 23 year old young man from Kwan-Hla, Mudon Township.

Villagers are extremely unhappy with the arrest of the innocent youth given the habit of the police to extort money on the slightest pretext. “It is totally not fair. Most young people and teenager in every place might visit to their friends in night times. This is the nature of the people. I recognize that this events is only for raising their own funds,” claimed by Nai Gyi (not real name), 57 year old man whose son was fined by the local police forces from Kwan Hla village.

Similarly people working in brothels in Moulmein are regularly arrested by the police and fleeced before being released.


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