NMSP investigate Gu Bao rape case

November 17, 2015

WCRP: The New Mon State Party (NMSP) is investigating a rape case in the Thai-Burma border village of Gu Bao, following the rape of a 22-year-old mentally disabled girl by her stepfather this September.

Over the course of September Ma— was raped by stepfather, 56-year-old U Sein Aung, a total of seven times: on six occasions during the day while her siblings were at school, and once on the night of September 19.

The rapes took place after Ma—–’s mother fled the family house, leaving Ma—– and her three sisters with U Sein Aung.

Ma—– said, “While my three sisters and I were sleeping in the bedroom he came into the room and raped me, threatening, ‘I’ll sleep with you instead of your mother’”.

A member of a women’s group in Gu Bao Village reported that the group had previously raised concerns about Ma—- continuing to live with her stepfather after her mother left the family home. While the group had recommended Ma—- be removed to a safe place, U Sein Aung promised to take good care of her.

The women’s group member explained, “The women’s group in the village told the stepfather that he and his stepdaughter shouldn’t live together. He was told that she should be kept in a safe place, but he didn’t agree and promised to take good care of her. On August 9, an agreement was signed to this effect at the village administrator’s house, with the women’s group present as witnesses.”

Unfortunately, U Sein Aung quickly forgot this agreement, leading to the events of September.

Eventually, on September 21 Ma—- alerted her sister in Thailand about U Sein Aung’s abuse, who phoned the village women’s group to report the incident. The group quickly contacted the village administrator, who transferred the case to the NMSP Township office in Japanese Well.

The NMSP is now investigating the reports. If the case stands to scrutiny the NMSP has promised that swift action will be taken. NMSP administrator Nai Tala Rot explained, “We need to check the case first. If he really committed the rape, then the case will be transferred to the highest level of administration in the New Mon State Party.”



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