SPDC Followers are Convincing Pro-Government Groups in Mon State

August 31, 2007

The Mon Forum

According to the decision of an emergency security meeting, held by top-level military officers in the Southeast Command in the second week of August, every township and village administration in Mon State would have to form secret security services under the arrangement of the township’s Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA). The main purpose of forming the secret security services was to prevent the upcoming economic demonstrations by anti-government protestors and Buddhist monks.

In order to implement their decisions, leaders of the USDA in Chaung-Zone township have reportedly called on youths for security service and started carrying out their secret activities to convince the pro-government groups, such as the Women Affairs Group, the Maternal and Child Welfare Group, militia, Red Cross and the fire station in Chaung-Zone township to be activists.

According to one of HURFOM’s field reporters, the Chaung-Zone township authorities and the USDA officer have been recruiting at lease 10 people from each ward and village to join the pro-government group. The reporter stated that: “The main responsibility of these people is to break down the mass if any demonstrations occur. They are armed with batons and other equipment and we could see them taking positions near the monasteries and the houses of NLD members.”

It was also reported that on the third week of August, the Mudon township’s USDA officer had been hiring some unemployed persons to be recruited to their secret security services. According to the news report, there were 10 members in Phae-Doe village who met their criteria to be security members. Amongst the ten members, two were chosen as team leaders. Their details are as follows:

  • U Win Hlaing – 38 years (team leader);
  • U Aung Bu – 40 years (assistant team leader);
  • U Thein Zan – 45 years;
  • U Maung Ngae – 44 years;
  • U Maung Htain – 40 years;
  • U Aung Yee – 48 years;
  • U Khin Maung – 41 years;
  • U Bo Khine – 45 years;
  • U Pan Shane – 38 years;
  • U Aung Soe Moe – 27 years.

Similarly, in Kyaik-Ma-Yaw township, Mon State, the township TPDC and USDA officers have started recruiting secret security troops in order to prevent the mass demonstration.

Last month, the group from an unnamed District came to Kyaik-Ma-Yaw township and held a meeting in the township USDA office. In the meeting, the head of the township USDA urged his secret security service members to organize the local inhabitants as much as they can. They also reminded the members not to send their monthly reports to the Head Quarter directly and send them through the District office. They also instructed the members to communicate with and organize other groups, such as Women’s Affairs, Maternal and Child Welfare, militia, Red Cross and the township fire station.

Currently, the SPDC authorities are afraid of the news of Buddhist monks gearing up to demonstrations in the whole country and the offices of the USDA in every township in Mon State have been crowded with members and reportedly busy with continuous meetings.


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