What Defines a Good Leader?

January 14, 2015

In Burma’s 2010 general election, the country’s first election in twenty years, former military commander U Thein Sein won a majority vote to become the president of Burma. For five years now, since that election, Burma has been transitioning towards democracy. In the upcoming 2015 presidential elections, the election commission has committed, to both the people of Burma and world leaders, to hold free and fair elections.

Union Election Commission Chairman U Tin Aye clarified during a December 2014 meeting with political parties that the general election will be held at the end of October, or beginning of November, 2015. In response to the Chairman’s confirmation, political parties have begun gearing up for election campaigns.

Political parties must work together to achieve unity, development, and to foster increased cooperation among parties. Some parties are already preparing to nominate their candidates, though the commission has yet to announce ideal qualifications the candidate should possess. In light of this fact, the time is getting late for those parties which have not yet put forth their party nominations.

According to Guiding Star News, the All Mon Region Democracy Party (AMRDP) and other political parties throughout the country are currently preparing themselves to nominate representatives to compete in the upcoming elections. Mon political parties, such as the AMDP and the Mon National Party (MNP), are to represent the Mon people in the election. In response to recent political activities and campaigns, Mon communities are showing strong motivation to participate in the election of their leaders.

When nominating candidates, the AMDP Committee urges town administrators and Mon parties to consider the ideal qualifications a candidate must possess in order to be a suitable presidential candidate. Thanbyuzayat town administrator stated that the candidate should be between the ages of 45-50, in good health, active, educated, and have good political points of view. As a leader, one must be a morally good, ethnical and educated person. Furthermore, it has been agreed that politicians over 70 years of age should not be nominated for candidacy.

According to the AMDP committee, the elected candidate must be a person who will lead and serve the people. To be a good leader, the committee stresses, one must be able to keep one’s promises and refrain from breaking any rules or regulations which they have agreed to follow.

The nomination as a candidate should motivate one to be a responsible leader and motivate one to possess and display four necessary characteristics; commitment, morality, capability, and compassion. A leader whom demonstrates these four characteristics will lend to the development of a country and nationality.

  1. Commitment – A good leader commits oneself to serve the nation in keeping culture, language, and tradition alive. One who dares to risk one’s life in order to promote their nation, culture, and language is a great leader.
  1. Morality – A good leader is one who is morally good, humane, and humble; one who has a charismatic personality, passion for working towards the interests of their nationality, and the ability to inspire others to do good is considered as a morally good person.
  1. Capability – Competency is key for a leader who will dare to be, to do, to act and decide responsibly. A skillful person is flexible and open-minded, educated from an accredited university or college, and one who has basic IT knowledge and computer literacy in this technological age.
  1. Compassion – A good leader is one who does all things with compassion. There are many examples of those who possess no compassion for their work, and as a result fail to achieve their goal. Compassion will provide many benefits to those who practice it. We wish our leader, and ideal candidate for the election, to employ compassion as the first priority in the work that they do.

These four qualities; commitment, morality, capability, and compassion define what it is to be a good leader. If leaders follow these four qualities, it will promote our humanity, our nationality, our union, and more



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