Mon youths make a video to promote the Elimination of Violence against Women

December 18, 2014

WCRP: In efforts to educate the public about violence against women, as well as to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP) created a 60-minute video in November, 2014.

The female trainees of the WEP made a major contribution to the production of the video, entitled “If You Don’t Know (the elimination of violence against women), You Can’t Create a Beautiful Family.”

The goal of the video project is to educate the community regarding the meaning of ‘violence’, and to spread awareness that the torture of women is not a tradition, but a crime. The video includes a role-play performed by the female trainees of WEP, and has been shown for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, held on November 25, 2014, as well as on December 10th’s Human Rights Day.

“We want to send a message to the people that violence (against women) is [an issue] related to everyone, and we must all make a contribution to the elimination of violence (against women). Every single [act of] violence has an effect on everyone,” said Mi Hong Sar Htaw, Coordinator of WEP.

The video participants worried that the audience will not understand their message, so they shot the video multiple times to get the best result.

“We had [a] very limited time [allowed] for shooting and editing the video, so we had some flaws in the subtitles; [the project’s] budget was also limited. All [of] the participants in the video are amateur [actors], so we worried that the people won’t understand the message we [are trying to] send and shot the film multiple times,” said project organizer Mi Ah Moo Chan.

The video project has been funded by the Marie Stopes International (MSI) and the United Nations Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).


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