Village headmen shell out over one million Kyat to Township authorities

November 22, 2007

Mudon Township,

Village Peace and Development Council headmen (VPDC) in Mon State have to shell out not less than one million Kyat to the Township Peace and Development Council TPDC and the District police officer annually.

One VPDC headman in Mudon Township said that every month, they have to pay about Kyat 50,000 to 70,000 to the TPDC for many reasons such as to support women’s affair activities or Union Solidarity and Development Association activities among other reasons.

Moreover, the District Police officer visits the villages every three month to check on the situation. The village headman puts the money in an envelope as a gift to the police officer and they have to fill up his vehicle’s tank with petrol for the trip.

A village headman said, “I noted, it is about 1- 1.5 million Kyat a year that we have to pay to the authorities.” He added that they are not allowed to ask for that money from the villagers but find the money by themselves.

It is not only VPDC headmen in Mudon Township who face this situation but the village headmen in Thanphyuzayart Township are going through the same experience.

The VPDC headmen gets the money by solving the villagers local problems, writing recommendation letters for the villagers and collecting taxes from the villagers who sell and buy produce from the farm and rubber plantations.(Source: IMNA)


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