International Human Rights Day held in the Mon Refugee Camp

December 10, 2007


On December 10th, more than five hundred Mon and Karen refugees celebrated international human rights day at the Halockhani refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border.

The celebration entertained the people with a festival and opera performance, each designed to explain a portion of the UN Human Rights Charter. “These operas make people more aware of the human rights charter,” said a Mon human rights worker at the camp.

The Halockani camp is home to about a thousand displaced people. “Even those who are not aware of the human rights charter at all still liked to participate in the ceremony,” the same worker explained.

It was the first time a celebration had taken place at the camp and it remained a special day for all the people. Children even took part, and games were held during the day.

Mi Kao Htaw, one of the women at the Halockani camp, was happy to join the celebration and listen to a speech about the human rights charter and human rights issues in general. She said that the operas touched her the most because the performance made her more aware about human rights.

The chairman of the camp and members of the NMSP attended the celebration as well. The chairman read the human rights charter and briefly explained how it is violated every day by the current regime.

He advised the people to be strong and become more aware of their human rights so that they can protect themselves.

The chairman also encouraged human rights NGOs to keep educating the people to further increase their awareness.


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