Mon woman gang raped by a group of Burmese Army Soldiers

January 15, 2009

WCRP: On August 13th 2008, A group of 25 Burmese soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 282 raped a 50 year old woman in Yebyu Township. An anonymous migrant worker in Yebyu Township confirmed that “Mi Jay Son [name changed for the source’s protection] was arrested for being affiliated with a rebel army group.”

Mi Jay Son is the wife of a village leader in their village. Mi Jay Son, along with her family and five other villagers, were accused of helping Nai Chan Dain, the leader of an armed rebel group, to fight against the military government.

Nai Chan Dain’s rebel army group has an informal cease-fire with LIB No. 282. Despite the ceasefire agreement, the Burmese military troops arrested Mi Jay Son and five other villagers. After her arrest, a group of military soldiers brutally raped her every day for five days. The other five villagers arrested were also seriously beaten by the soldiers.

The villagers were stricken with fright when the soldiers arrested their community members. While the villagers did not approve of the arrests, they ran away from the village out of fear of any repercussions if they showed any defiance against the military.

According to the neighbor of Mi Jay Son, “she and the other five villagers are still under arrest, and since the 7th of  September, we have not heard from them. We are hoping to hear some information from them soon.”


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