Splinter group extorts 100000 kyat per house from Han Gan villagers

May 31, 2016

According to a monk from Han Gan village, an armed group, who were coordinated by two leaders called Nai Lon and Nai Song, were demanding payments of 100000 kyat per house in Han Gan village, Ye Township, Mon State.

The group visited farms across the village demanding 100000 kyat per house from those who owned farms. For people who do not own a farm, they did not have to pay but villagers were also scared to go outside freely.

“At the moment, some people have already paid them but some have not paid it yet. The Burmese government did not take action and we also do not see any response from the Mon authority. Last month, the splinter group, who were coordinated by Nai Mon Chan were active in southern Ye Township, Mon State and Yebyu Township, and surrendered their weaponry to Tatmadaw but now the other group has come and extorted money from the villagers. The villagers are frightened and no one has come to help us,” added a monk.

There are several gangs active throughout southern Ye Township and Yebyu Township. The groups still demands money from villagers in those areas.
A monk explained that, “southern Ye is under Burmese authority and is labeled as a black area, the splinter group can be active as much as they want here. The New Mon State Party also can’t stamp on it. That is the biggest threat to the local’s livelihoods and safety in those areas and they also don’t receive the protection from the Burmese government.”

The area like southern Ye is mostly active by the armed group that demands payments from the villagers and are also using other tactics such as killing, kidnapping and, occasionally, rape to aid their extortion.

“The leaders of the gangs mostly come from New Mon State party. The gangs have demanded money from the villagers, after they are satisfied, they surrender their weaponry to the Burmese government and their life is sufficient. Even if they did a lot of bad things in the past, no one gives them a punishment. Later on, other groups will follow-on like that too, because there is no punishment, the gangs will never disappear,” said a monk from Han Gan village.


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