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Residents of Mudon Township Face Extortion when Applying for National Identity Cards

The Mon community has registered complaints to the Department of Immigration and National Registration in Mudon Township, Mon State, in regards to demands of exorbitant fees... 

April 23, 2014 | Read more »

Mon Community Suspects Corruption in 2014 Census Reporting

Burma’s Mon community holds serious doubts concerning the Burmese government, and its data collection procedures for the country’s 2014 census, conducted from March 30th... 

April 22, 2014 | Read more »

Threat and extortion at the hands of Mon splinter group

  Refusing to be extorted, the ethnic Mon community living in Ye Township, Mon State, located in southern Burma, lives in fear of being subjected to torture and kidnappings... 

April 21, 2014 | Read more »

Ethnic Karen Communities in Southern Burma Encounter the Impacts of Mining

Karen people living in Ka Htaung Nee villages, in Mitar sub-township, Tavoy district, located in the Tenasserim Region are experiencing increased air and water pollution due... 

April 21, 2014 | Read more »

Landmine Explosions Remain A Constant Fear for Local Villagers

Although ceasefire agreements have officially ended fighting between the Burmese army and many ethnic armed groups, casualties persist. Landmines have been left throughout... 

April 2, 2014 | Read more »

Burmese Military Bring False Accusations in Efforts to Extort Local Villagers

As Burma transitions to a democratic society, human rights abuses continue to be committed. Burmese soldiers continue to commit acts of brutal assault on citizens, while military... 

April 1, 2014 | Read more »

Residents Dismayed over Misuse of Development Aid

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) works to provide support to poor communities throughout Burma, and has identified Three Pagodas Pass Township (TPP) as one... 

March 22, 2014 | Read more »

Victims Demand Changes Before Returning to Native Villages

Years after fleeing their homes, victims who have been tortured and abused by the Burmese military raise their voices to demand the removal of all military bases in their... 

March 22, 2014 | Read more »