Universal Children’s Day

November 30, 2009

WCRP: Universal Children’s Day commemorates the 1954 signing of the Declaration of the rights of the Child and the 1989 signing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Both anniversaries are celebrated in various ways throughout the world. Read more

Standard 9 and 10 Students are to Forced Attend School for Additional Hours

November 30, 2009

WCRP: Several schools throughout Mon state are forcing Standard 9 and 10 students to study for additional hours and pay extra fees. Most schools in Mon state hold class from 9am to 3pm, although several students have reported mandatory review sessions that go well beyond regular school hours.   Read more

Underground Mon Migrant Union Frees Female Migrants

November 26, 2009

WCRP: An Underground Mon Migrant Union, which operates in southern Thailand, has freed several migrant women.According to the Union’s advisor, the organization was established in 2002 to protect Mon migrant workers, although recently it has been focusing efforts on rescuing endangered Mon women. Read more

Villagers taxed to provide for people’s militia in Kawzar Sub-Township.

November 26, 2009

HURFOM, Ye: Infantry Battalion (IB) no. 31, based in Khawza Sub-township, held a meeting in Khawza Sub-town regarding the establishment of a people’s militia for the region, in the second week of November 2009. Read more

More than one hundred acres of farmland confiscated in Kamawet Sub-Township

November 20, 2009

HURFOM, MUDON: Over a hundred acres of farmland were confiscated in late October from various farmers living in the Kamarwet Sub-Township area in Mudon Township, Mon State. Read more

37 villagers detained by IB 31 in Khawza Sub-Township

November 19, 2009

HURFOM, YE: Around 37 villagers from Yinyae village, located in Khawza Sub-Township in Southern Ye Township, have been detained by Infantry Battalion (IB) No 31; the battalion is based Khawza Sub-Town. The villagers in question have been held in the IB 31 camp since November 10th of this year.   Read more

Burmese Migrants’ Children get a chance to study in Thailand

November 18, 2009

WCRP: Every morning around six in Mahachai, Thailand, dozens of children wearing matching white shirts and pressed blue or brown trousers anxiously wait on the side of the road. Soon the children will board a paused bus and head off to school. Read more

Villagers beaten by drunk captain from LIB No. 209

November 18, 2009

HURFOM, MUDON: Five residents were beaten by a drunk Burmese army officer in Kamawet sub-township Mudon Township, Mon State. The residents were heading to work for the morning when the assaults occurred. Read more

Army continues to demand that local residents work along gas pipeline in Thanbyuzayat township

November 17, 2009

HURFOM, Thanbyuzayat: Many villages  in southern Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State, who are located along the Kanbauk Myaing Kalay gas pipeline, have once again been ordered to perform pipeline maintenance by the Burmese Army battalions in change of the project’s security.   Read more

Southeast Command orders landmine placement in KNU and DKBA territories

November 16, 2009

HURFOM, Kyainnseikyi: According to HURFOM’s field reporter in Kyarinnseiky Township, Karen State, all Burmese Army battalions in the region under the control of the Southeast Command have been secretly ordered by Lieutenant Major Soe Myit to place landmines in areas controlled by the Karen National Union (KNU) and the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA). Read more

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