Twenty one Thai phone owners arrested in Karen State

July 16, 2007

The Mon Forum

Over the past two weeks, local Burmese military authorities in Karen State have arrested 21 owners of Thai-wireless telephones in Zarthapyin village, Hpa-an Township, near Moulmein (Mawlamyine).

“We don’t know why they arrested these 21 people,” said a Zarthapyin villager.

“On July 1st, they asked local telephone owners whether they wanted to pay a fine or to be jailed,” said a source who attended the meeting between the local authorities and the phone owners. Read more

Rice mill owners were forced to pay for the battalions’ rations

June 15, 2007

Mudon Township, Mon State

Rice mill owners in Mudon Township, Mon State are at the receiving end of extortion. The Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) have demanded money from the mill owners for funds for the Burma Army.

If the rice mill owners don not pay the TPDC, the township authorities have ordered the police to arrest them, a mill owner said. Read more

Six hundred villagers forced to work for a week to welcome Lt. Gen Maung Bo

June 4, 2007


Over 600 villagers were forced by Burma Army’s Battalion No. 31 stationed in Khaw-zar Town to repair a road and work in other areas for a week to welcome Lt. Gen Maung Bo, sources in the town said.

Yesterday, Col. Than Toe of Military Operation Management Command from Ye Township, came to check the security aspects and the preparation to welcome Lt. Gen Maung Bo, who will arrive in Khaw-zar town today, said a Khaw zar resident. Read more

Burmese Army strengthens militia by forcibly training locals

May 31, 2007


Training is being forcibly imparted to local people to strengthen the militia at the Burmese military base in Hpa-an township, the capital of Karen state. The idea is to have a strong militia to defend the country.

The Light Infantry Battalion No. 310 of the Burmese Army is conducting the training for the first time in all villages in the capital of Karen State in keeping with the Burmese military government’s decision. The battalion has directed the Village Peace and Development Council (VPDC) to arrange the training for them. Read more

People forced to grow physic nuts

May 29, 2007


The Burmese military regime is pushing people in southern Burma to grow physic nuts after forcing them to buy seeds at high prices.

After the onset of the rainy season as of May, the military regime has ordered people to grow physic nuts and forced people to buy the seedlings of the nuts at a higher price and then plant it.

The Township Peace and Development Council in Kyaikmaraw directed each family to grow 300 physic nut plants and pay Kyat 90,000 (US $ 72). Read more

Women and elders forced to guard gas pipeline

May 28, 2007


Women and people over 50 years of age are being forced to guard the gas pipeline running past villages in Mon State, despite the commitment given by the Burmese military junta to the International Labour Organization (ILO).

One person from each household in Kalawthut, Kawn-ka-bue, Doe-mar, and Set-thawe villages has to undertake patrol duty every month from evening to midnight. Read more

80 Unlicensed Trucks Seized by the police chief

May 26, 2007


In the latest news to come from Mawlamyine, 80 illegal trucks in Mawlamyine were taken by the police according to a source close to NMSP (New Mon State Party) liaison office in Mawlamyine.

The police explained that unlicensed vehicles are illegal in the country when they stopped the cars at check points, on the main road in Mawlamyine. The cars were then seized according to the MNSP officer. Police even went to private home to look for unregistered vehicles, he added. The order to seize unlicensed cars came from the army chief police officer, Tin Yie, said an NMSP officer. Thousand of trucks have been taken by the police and army over the last few years. Some of the trucks were used by the police and army departments and some were used for government services. Read more

Junta collects money and confiscates farms for development project

May 24, 2007


The Burmese military junta has been forcibly collecting money and confiscating land from villagers of Kawkareik Township, Karen State for a township development project meant for the Karen splinter group led by Brigadier General Htain Maung (Htay Maung) which signed a peace deal with the regime.

About a hundred houses are envisaged in the township development project which is located in Naungbo village, Kawkareik Township west of Gyaing River. Read more

Mon state authority round up unlicensed cars again

May 23, 2007

HURFOM, Kyaikmayaw, Mudon,

Beginning on May 23, 2007, the police force from Moulmein Capital seized about 15 unlicensed cars and parked them in the Mudon police station during its cleanup of unlicensed cars in the town.

“The police have set up a check point on the main road, at the corner of the three way junction in Chaung-Hna-Kwa, Kyaikmaraw Township,” Nai Nyi (not real name), an eye witness from that area reported. The crackdown at midday, by the police from the capital of Mon State, Moulmein (Mawlamyine) was sudden, added by Nai Nyi. Read more

Villagers Paid Taxes to work in Thailand

May 19, 2007


In Pangone Village, Paung township, the civilians were taxed 10, 000 kyats for each person who worked in Thailand by the police.

A villager from Pangone, said the villagers couldn’t refuse to pay to the district police officer as they taxed coming to home.

The police officer Aung Min Lwin asked money those who go to work or come back for work from Thailand. He (the police) didn’t consider for the workers who don’t bring back money and arrested by Thai police, he added. Read more

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