3000 Chaung Hna Kwa area residents flee homes due to daily artillery attacks

November 30, 2023

HURFOM: On November 10, 2023, armed clashes between the military junta and the revolutionary forces broke out in the Chaung Hna Kwa area, Kyikemayaw Township, Mon State.  For more than two weeks heavy fighting has taken place. 

The military junta has reinforced their troops in Mudon Township, and Taung Ka Lay village, Kyikemayaw Township.  Their artillery regiment based in Ah Bit village, Mudon Township has continually targeted  villages in the Chaung Hna Kwa area everyday with artillery attacks.

Villages in the Chaung Hna Kwa area, Kyikemayaw Township have been attacked day and night. No one is left in the village. Everyone ran away. Now, we hear the sound of artillery gunfire every night,” said a Kyikemayaw resident.

Due to the daily bombardment more than 3000 residents from villages in “Phar Bound” area, eastern Ataran River bank, Kyikemayaw Township and villages in Chaung Hna Kwa area have fled from their homes.  According to local sources, villagers from Paw Law Gone are stuck there, and are in need of food.

The Mudon artillery regiment has attacked Chaung Hna Kwa daily. It is more serious at night. They are using both small and heavy weapons. Mudon residents worry about possible armed clashes in their area,” said a villager who lives near Mudon.


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