Elderly woman dies from artillery explosion in Kyike Hto

November 29, 2023

HURFOM: On November 24, 2023, the military junta launched an artillery attack on In Ka Boe village, Kyike Hto Township, Mon State that killed an 80-year-old woman.  reported local sources.

Local sources report that the military regiment was hiding outside the village and launched at least four artillery attacks in one day.  One shell exploded at the “staff barracks” in an oil palm plantation located in the eastern village.

The elderly woman suffered neck and jaw bone injuries. She was sent to the Kyike Hto Township General Hospital but died on November 25.

Grandma Daw Nyunt Ye stayed with her son. She was struck by an artillery explosion while she was asleep. She was sent to hospital the next morning. No one dared to send her to the hospital immediately due to the curfew. Her injury was really serious. After reaching the hospital, she died at about noon,” said an In Ka Boe resident.

On November 22, 2023, the junta’s regiment based at Win Ka Law junction on Kyike Hto – Kin Moon Chaung Road launched an artillery attack on Ta Dar Chaung village and injured a 32-year-old schoolteacher.

The Thaton District National Union reported on November, 2023, that due to armed clashes and artillery attacks launched by the military junta, more than 3,000 residents from seven villages including Pyin Ka Doe Gone, Zee Pyaung and Win Kan villages had to flee their homes.


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