Junta burns down 20 huts and destroys 11 motorbikes in Long Lone

November 28, 2023

HURFOM: On November 23, 2023, a military regiment with about 30 troops entered Tha Pyay Shaung village, Long Lone Township, Tenasserim Division and destroyed many houses. Then, they conducted “stop and check”  of villagers, as a ruse to extort money from them, reported local villagers.

Then, the regiment went onward to “San Tar Sake”, a beach nearby Tha Pyay Shaung village, and burnt down approximately 20 huts and destroyed 11 motorbikes owned by the fishermen.

Firstly, we thought they burnt down the school as the smoke came from the direction of the school. But later, we learned that they burnt motorbikes in front of the school,” said a villager who had to run away from Tha Pyay Shaung village.

Upon entering the village, the regiment arrested about 40 villagers.  They left the community by boat.

After burning and destroying motorbikes, they looted things from shops and grocery stores. Then, they searched houses in the village and stole more than four million MMK,”said a local source.

In May, 2023, the military junta burnt down about 20 huts owned by Tha Pyay Shaung’s fishermen and the recently burnt huts that had been recently rebuilt.


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