Medicine shortage continues in Mon State

September 24, 2022

HURFOM: Some medicines have been out of stock since September in Mon state.  Patients are paying unusually high prices for needed medications.

Various kinds of analgesics, medications for renal stones, heart diseases and diabetes have run out leaving patients searching for alternatives.

We could buy medicine easily before. But now, we can’t buy the medicines we usually use so we have to find a substitute. Analgesics are still available in the market but medicines for heart diseases, renal stones and diabetes have run out. The patients who must use a specific brand of medicine are really in trouble,said a resident from Mawlamyine Township.

Unstable exchange rates for the US dollar, has led pharmacy companies to limit their import levels of some medicines. The price of some medicines has increased by up to 50%.

The exchange rate for US Dollar is getting high, and the pharmacy companies have reduced their imports, so medicines for heart diseases, diabetes and renal stones have run out. The process of importing medicine is also taking longer so that shortage of some medications will go on for a certain period of time. Low supply will create high prices,said a pharmacist.


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