Weekly update on Human Rights situation in Karen, Mon States & Tanintharyi Region since the attempted coup [First week of March 2022]

March 7, 2022

No one feels safe and secure in #Burma amid the lingering of junta backed forces, such as plain clothed police officers and informers. The people want peace.

Full Analysis:

In HURFOM areas, civilians are unquestionably continuing to reel from the aftermath of the failed coup. Economically, the country has been crippled by inflation, including rice, a staple in the local cuisine. No one feels safe and secure amid the lingering of junta backed forces, such as plain clothed police officers and informers.

On 1 March, HURFOM released our monthly findings from February 2022 which found that even a year after the failed coup, the amount of destruction caused by the junta have amounted to the most serious of human rights violations. The junta has shown no signs of easing their attacks against the people and has instead continued to spearhead their campaign of terror and illegal, inhumane acts including arbitrary arrests, indiscriminate firing and shelling, enforced disappearances, murder and many others.

In February 2022 alone, HURFOM recorded at least 65 arrests, 25 injuries and 10 deaths. Women and girls in particular were targeted with nearly 30 being arrested, sentenced and charged by the junta. Alongside the terror continues to be undisputed bravery. Protests and calls for action, including urgently dismantling the junta by cutting off their access to funds, weapons and more, are all the more active in Burma.

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Junta troops are cracking down on the travelers near Hindra junction, located at Taungthone Lone Village, Metta Sub-Township, Dawei District. Stop and frisk operations were carried out on 2 March where nearly 60 military vehicles from the Metta Battalion arrived and began a rigorous operation. Approximately 30 motorcycles, six cars and the owners were arrested and confiscated. It is still unclear why the junta soldiers arrested and confiscated these vehicles. It seems like they will demand the ransom to give back to the drivers and owners.

In Karen State, on 28 February, a group of junta soldiers and officials arrived at Thang Yee Shop Road in Nyaung Wine Ward No. 5, Hpa-an, Karen and conducted guest registration and household inspections, and abducted three young men, according to the residents. The illegal activities and corruption is fuelled by a lack of accountability.


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