Voluntary lockdowns measures fail to control of COVID-19: Junta offers no supports

July 30, 2021

HRUFOM: As the third wave of COVID-19 hits communities across the country, members of local emergency teams are urging anyone who was in contact with a Covid-19 patient to self-quarantine.

If a positive patient is found, those who have contact with him/her must take protective measures themselves. They have to arrange food for themselves. If they have relatives, (they can assist, but must avoid close contact and wear PPE), said a local resident from Thanbyuzayat who has been in quarantine due to contact with a positive patient.

According to the directives imposed by the junta, if a positive patient is found in a village or ward, anyone who has had contact must self-quarantine, and arrange food for themselves. 

Aside from making such statements, neither the military junta nor the Ministry of Health and Sport have offered any programs or support to provide food and treatment,  according to the members of a local emergency rescue team.

There is no one who helps a house that is subject to quarantine measures. If you are locked down, you have to take care of everything by yourselves. It isn’t systematic so the virus will spread to the whole ward, village and country. A voluntary lockdown system truly doesn’t work, said a member of an emergency rescue team from Mudon.

The previous civilian government had offered protective measures and food.  In addition, many charity groups also offered support. Since the military junta took control of the country, those in lockdown must take care of everything by themselves.  As a result there is hardship.

There has been a spike in COVID-19 cases and the death rate has also increased.

Critics have noted that the military junta has not provided health assistance for COVID-19 patients, leaving people to fend for themselves.

A 14-day lockdown has been imposed by the village COVID-19 control committee in Duyar village, Ye Township, Mon State. The lockdown started on July 29.  The committee notified villagers two days prior to the lockdown to collect food to sustain themselves for 14 days.


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