New committee formed to combat drug use in Ye Township, Mon State

December 4, 2017

WCRP: A new committee to combat drug use among youths in Ye Township, Mon State has been formed. The announcement came after a discussion on the issue of drugs was held on November 22nd 2017 in Ye Township. Around 450 individuals, including New Mon State Party (NMSP) officials, citizens, and monks participated in the discussions.

The aim of the talks was to discuss methods for eliminating drugs and promoting the improvement of skills among youths to foster better outcomes.

The committee is composed of seven members of the NMSP, seven locals from southern and northern Ye Township, and seven monks. The new anti-drug committee assigned committee members at the village, township, and district levels and they aim to fight against drug use, while also advocating for better drug treatment programs. In addition, they aim to perform drug education services for villagers.

We are happy to have a chance to share our knowledge about the impact of drugs, treatment for drug use, and the fight against drugs…If there are drug sellers, users will buy it. As there is a huge profit from selling drugs, the Mon locals make a business out of it. To prohibit the sellers, authorities must effectively handle drug dealers using the law,” said committee member U Tin Shine.

For more information on the sale and use of drugs in Mon State and Mon areas of southeast Burma, see “Bitter Pills: Breaking the silence surrounding drug problems in the Mon community” by the Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM).




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