Ministers abuse power trying to forcefully remove landowners in Dawei

June 11, 2024

HURFOM: In March, 2023, the Chief Minister and the Minister of the Karen Ethnic Affairs of Tenasserim Division attempted to forcefully remove a farm family from their land. The family owns more than one acre of farmland in Htein Thit Ward, Dawei City, Dawei District, Tenasserim Division.

Ownership of the land is contested and the matter is before the Dawei District Court.

The family refused to move out and then, the ministers sent a notice letter by their attorney. Then, they sued them at the Dawei District Court. During the legal proceedings, the authorities and the members of Pyu Saw Htee came to the farm in June, 2023 and destroyed their gate,” said a source close to the farm family.

On June 4rth, 2024, the Karen Ethnic Affairs Minister Saw Mar Tin Lu Thar, his personal assistant, U Aung Swe Oo were joined by some members of the Pyu Saw Htee, a network of pro-military and pro junta forces. They arrived in three vehicles and destroyed the farmers fence with a bulldozer. Then, they threatened the family to move by June 8th.

We’ve been farming here for nearly 80 years. The court hasn’t made any decision yet,” said the farmer.

The Green Vision Dawei Company Limited and the Wonderful Dawei Company Limited have been planning to build a hotel on the farmland.   The Chief Minister U Myat Ko, the Ethnic Affairs Minister Saw Mar Tin Lu Thar and his personal assistant, U Aung Swe Oo have all invested shares in the companies.

They have threatened the farm family that if they don’t move out, their house will be destroyed by a bulldozer,” said a local source.

The Dawei District Court has not made any decision regarding the ownership of the farmland. 

The Chief Minister and the Ethnic Minister have been seen to abuse their power by threatening to forcefully remove the family.  There is not only risk of loss of the land, but also danger to their lives.


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