Five members, including President, of Lamine Youth Charity and Rescue Team arrested by junta

June 10, 2024

HURFOM: On May 29th, 2024, the President and four members of Lamine Youth Charity and Rescue Team were arrested by the military junta.

The rescue team had sent a military officer from the 588th Light Infantry Battalion to the Mawlamyine General Hospital.  The officer was injured in a car accident. The rescue team’s ambulance was stopped by resistance forces on the Ye – Thanbyuzayat Highway Road. When it was revealed that the patient was a military officer, he was arrested by the resistance forces, according to a Lamine resident.

The resistance forces stop and check vehicles traveling along the Ye – Thanbyuzayat Road every day. They arrested the officer and ordered the rescue team to go back,” said the resident.

Following the actions of the resistance forces, the military junta raided the rescue team office with excessive force and arrested three members. In order to explain what happened, the President and the Secretary went to the battalion, but both were arrested.

The junta thinks members of the rescue team gave information (to the resistance forces) so their officer was arrested. So they came and arrested the members. They will not accept money to release the detainees. They haven’t been released yet as of today. They’re still detained at the 588th battalion,” said a Lamine resident.

After the arrests the Lamine Youth Charity and Rescue Team released a statement saying they would temporarily and unconditionally stop their service effective June 3rd, 2024.


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