High schools in Ye Township ban students from choosing their subject combination

June 10, 2024

HURFOM: Schools across Burma opened on June 3rd, 2024 and Grade-10 students must choose one of four subject combinations for their studies.

However, some high schools in Ye Township have banned students from choosing their favorite subject combination on their own. Depending on their grade, schoolteachers are selecting the subject combination for them.

Most students have chosen a subject combination of Biology or Economics.  Students and parents are not satisfied as they have not been allowed to choose what they want.

We want them to let the students choose what they want to study. But the school teachers who teach arts subjects need more students and she and the headmistress have forced 30 out of 60 students to choose a combination of arts subjects. The students and their parents are unsatisfied,” said one parent from Ye Township.

As they have not been allowed to choose the subject combination on their own, some students have moved to high schools in other cities.

Some students don’t want to study arts subjects. Since they can’t choose their favorite subjects, they have moved to another school,” said another parent.


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