Police severely Torture the Suspects of Murders

March 18, 2015

Five individuals suspected to have committed a murder during a local wedding in Wae-Rat Village, Thanbyuzayat Township were arrested after a body was found on the Wae Rai Village Bridge on March 11, 2015. The five suspects Nai Soe Soe, Mehm Para, Mehm Son, Mehm Chan and Mehm Htike were tortured while in police custody.

Nai Naing Oo’s wife, Mi Demo, was also arrested on behalf of her husband but was released the next day, along with Mehm Son and Mehm Chan. Mehm Htike remains in police custody and has been tortured severely.

Mi Demo suffers from a severe illness, so when police arrived at her home to take her husband into custody, she requested that the police wait to take Nai Naing Oo until the following day. As a result, Mehm Arkar Wai and Nai Naing Oo were not arrested that night.

When the dawn broke the following day, police arrived at Mi Demo’s home once again to arrest Mehm Arkar Wai and Nai Naing Oo, only to find the two men had fled during the night.

“I have been beaten once,” said Mehm Son, “Mehm Chan has been beaten three times. During the wedding night, I was also drinking with the person who got killed. I told them [the police] that it was not me, but they thought I was telling a lie. They beat me on my head. They asked others again, the others told them that it was not me [who killed the man]. Then they stopped beating me. Mehm Chan was the one who took care of the music and sound box at the wedding. Police said that he must know [who was involved in] the fight. When Mehm Chan could not tell them [who was involved in the fight], they beat him three times. When they released us, they said that they know the murderer now; it is not us. That is why they released us.”

The police detained Nai Soe Soe, the host of the wedding, for questions overnight; releasing him the next day.

Nai San Par disappeared on March 11th, the morning after the wedding, his body to be found a week later on the Wae Rat bridge.

Once the body was reported to the police it was sent for medical examination, which found the body to have been savagely beaten with severe injuries to the face. Police identified all those drinking with the victim the evening of the wedding as possible suspects.

Police arrested Nai Kyaw Wai on March 12th as another suspect. The police also summoned Mehm Arkar Wai, Nai Naing Oo, and Mehm Bai Bai, but the three men did not report to the police station. Nai Naing Oo and his parents are hiding from the police, which forced to police to announce, on March 13th, that if Nai Naing Oo does not surrender himself he will be a fugitive.

Suspects Nai Kyae Wai and Mehm Ahtike are currently in custody. Mehm Ahtike as kept at a different location.

“We could clearly hear the screaming from Mehm Ahtike, that police are torturing him at night,” said Mehm Son.

Although it is known that the suspect is being tortured, methods and instruments utilized by the police are unknown.

According to witnesses from the wedding, all of the suspects in police custody were drinking together with the victim, Nai San Par. Nai San Par allegedly left the wedding on a motorbike with his friend, with whom he got into a fight which resulted in his death. Another individual from Wae Rai village was also involved in the fight, but has fled to Thailand, according to village residents.

Mehm Arkar Wai, Nai Naing Oo, and Mehm Bai Bai are avoiding, as they know that suspicion is growing that they are the responsible for Nai San Par’s death.


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