Attempted rape by IB No. 31 Captain on 12 year old school girl

October 28, 2011

WCRP: On October 21st, a 12 year old girl living in Pai Karain Khawzar village, Khawzar Sub Township, Ye Township was attempted raped by the Burmese Captain Way Lin Phyo of Infantry Battalion No. 31. The assault happened as the girl was walking on her way back to her home village after school.

Living with her parents Nai– and Mi- in the fisherman village Pai Karain Khawzar, the girl is a 5th grade student attending Middle School located in the nearby Karainkanga village. The walk from the girl´s home village to the school is 1,5 miles long, taking about 20 minutes each way.

At 4: 30 pm on October 21st, the girl began her daily walk back from school. On the way, she had to pass a Coconut garden often used as a resting area for soldiers. Our sources has informed us that the ambush probably found place somewhere between this resting area and the girl´s home village; Captain Way Lin Phyo following her from this point. The Captain grabbed the girl by her arm after pulling her by her shirt. As a result, the girl immediately shouted for help. Her brother heard the scream, and came to her rescue.

This is not the first time Captain Way Lin Phyo is violating the rights of citizens living in Khawzar Township. Last year, he was reported stealing gold in the Ham Gam village.

Latest news: On October 24th, the IB No. 31 ordered the girl to come to the Battalion for her to sign a paper stating this incident never occurred.

Source: Field reporter under collaboration of Mon Affair Union reporting to WCRP.



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