Law comes from the barrel of a gun

October 6, 2023

HURFOM: “Just kill my son if he works as an informant for the military junta. I won’t complain about that. But it isn’t true now. He is the one who has fed us. It’s totally brutal,” mourned a mother of a Long Lone resident who was killed by the Long Lone Township People’s Defense Force (PDF).

On September 26, 2023, the Long Lone PDF announced they arrested and killed seven military junta’s informers between July to September, 2023.

In July, the Long Lone PDF stated they arrested and killed a 64-year-old nun and three other villagers. In August, they arrested and killed a woman. The group also killed two 20-year-old men in September, according to the announcement.

Following the announcement, family members of the victims and other revolutionary forces criticized the conduct of the Long Lone PDF.

It isn’t lawful to kill a person after accusing him/her of being a military informer. It’s a terrorist act and a war crime,” criticized a political activist.

On July 16, Nun, Daw Nandar Sari who lived in Kuti Nar Yone Phayar Road, Wel Kyune Nyaung Gone Ward, Dawei and U Aung Moe, who was repairing her residence went to Kadet Nge Htane village, Long Lone Township to pay worship to the village Abbot. Both disappeared on their way back home.

We got in contact with them when they were at the monastery. They said they would come back soon. After that, we lost contact with them. I think an armed group might have arrested and detained them. I knew they were dead only after seeing the PDF announcement,” said the son of Daw Nandar Sari.

The Long Lone PDF accused Daw Nadar Sari and U Aung Moe of exploiting religion and working as military informers.

On August 6, 33-year-old Ma War War from Way D village, Long Lone Township was killed by the Long Lone PDF, who claim she cooperated with the military junta.

My daughter did nothing wrong. You can ask everyone in the village. If she did wrong, how dare she stay in the village,” said the mother of Ma War War.

On September 14, two 20-year-old Inn Zout residents, Ko Nay Ye Soe aka Ko Taught Taught and Ko Aung Nine Shane aka Ko Ngae Ngae were killed by the Long Lone PDF.  Both were accused of working for the leader of local “Pyu Saw Htee” a pro-junta group, known as Ma Nu Thein.

My son had to run away when he saw the military. They should interrogate carefully after the arrest. I’ve suffered more because my son was killed even though he was innocent,” said the mother of Ko Taught Taught.

The Long Lone PDF did not return the bodies of those they killed to family members.

Even though they shot and killed our son, we still hoped they gave back the body,” said the parents of Ko Taught Taught.

In July, August and September, 2023, at least 20 residents from Long Lone Township were killed by the military junta and the Long Lone PDF. Another 18 residents were killed by unknown armed groups.

Regarding this incident, we’ve gotten lots of loud criticism from the people. We’ve stood with dignity along the era of this revolution but these incidents have made us look (like we’ve poured water into the sand) and lost everything,” said a PDF member from Long Lone Township.


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