Covid-19 travel ban increases electorate voting from temporary constituencies

October 16, 2020

HURFOM: The government’s nationwide Covid-19 travel ban has more voters residing outside of their native constituency applying for Form #3(a) to cast their votes from their temporary constituencies.  

More than 300 voters applied to change their constituencies at the Myine Thar Yar Election Sub-commission office, and most were staff at private companies or migrant workers.

As “Lockdown” and “Stay at Home” orders have been imposed during Covid-19, it’s not okay to return to native places and cast their votes. So voters who don’t want to lose their voting rights have decided to cast their votes from their temporary constituencies. Therefore, many voters applied with Form #3(a),” said U Saw Phay, the Chair of Myine Thar Yar Election Sub-commission.

According to Myanmar’s electoral law, those residing outside of their native constituencies can apply to cast their votes for the candidates in their temporary constituencies if they have been in their new constituencies for at least 90 days.

When they apply with Form #3(a), we inform their native Township Election Sub-commission, who then delete their names from that voter list, explained U Sein Taung Myine, the Secretary of  the Myine Thar Yar Election Sub-commission.

However, this process was valid only until October 10th. U Sein Taung Myine added, “But (voters residing outside their native constituencies) can apply with Form #15 to cast an advance vote (for their native candidates).” But before doing this, he/she must be on the voter list of her native constituency.

Although the Mon State government locked down Sit Kel Kone ward, the number of voters who applied to cast their vote using Form #3(a) remained high.

There were many voters who applied with Form #3(a) in my ward. Most of them were government staff. We noted their code numbers and sent that information to their native Township Election Sub-commissions,” said Daw Aye Aye Thi, the Secretary of Sit Kel Kone Election Sub-commission.


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