New Government but same old habits

July 11, 2016

HURFOM: The new government took administration in April 2016, promising equal land rights; however, rubber plantation owners are claiming that the Advanced Military Training No. 4 in Waekalee, Thanbyuzayat Township, continually are extorting taxes from rubber plantation owners that are located in the Military Shooting Training Field.

Rubber plantation owner Mi Bay from Da Don Chit village, Thanbyuzayat complained that “Since last year, this is the first time they extorted taxes. As the rubber price is dropping, we thought they would not extort taxes anymore but they still do. We don’t know how much they extort for one acre. It depends on how large the land is. In previous years, they extorted money from us twice a year. However, last year, they stopped extorting money. We thought they stopped because of the new government but we were wrong”.

Mi Bay continued “Although the price of rubber is dropping, they still collect the same amount of taxes. My land was included in the Military Shooting Training Field for half an acre. I was forced to pay 18300 Kyat per year. They take 36600 Kyat per acre. Some people are extorted for 5, 7, and 8 acres”.

Around 1000 acres of rubber plantation became the part of the Military Shooting Training Field.

Rubber plantation owners reported to Hluttaw and the commission after the 2010 election regarding this matter, however, to date, the government has not yet taken action.


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