SPDC patrols arbitrarily harass, beat, and arrest villagers in Nyaung Lay Bin Township

September 11, 2010

HURFOM, Nyaung Lay Bin: A series of security crackdowns in five villages in Pegu Division by SPDC troops have resulted in a wave of arrests and beatings of regional villagers. The area, heavily contested by KNLA forces, has seen a recent increase in reprisal patrols as engagements between KNLA and SPDC forces have increased. Read more

USDP’s manipulations to win in elections

September 10, 2010

The Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), which was formed from a so-called civilian social service organization, the Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA), and plans to win in the 2010 national election by any means.  The USDP is composed of retired military commanders from the current military regime, who stepped down to take up the guise of civilian leaders, and lower ranking  SPDC members.  Read more

Local SPDC police captain orders forced labor for police station construction in southern Ye Township

September 9, 2010

HURFOM, Khaw Zar, southern Ye, Mon State:

The police captain in Khaw Zar sub-township has ordered the use of Yin Ye villagers in the construction and possible supply of a police station seated in Yin Ye village. The order requires 1 member of each household to serve each day, but offers no compensation. For villagers, labor lost by working on construction undermines incomes already impacted by years of continued conflict in the region. Read more

The Oppressed Lives

September 6, 2010

Since 1962 the Burmese military Junta has considered large portions of Southern Burma including Yebyu Towhship, a free-fire zone. Residents suspected of aiding insurgent forces are often presumed guilty by Burmese soldier, and face significant abuse. Residents who can no longer bear the abuses will often flee, seeking shelter along the Thai-Burma border, or as in the following case. resettlement camps administered by the New Mon State Party (NMSP). But as years of abuse have progressed, problems within these camps have also increased.

Sale and use of Ya Ba among teenagers increasing in Kawkariet Township

September 3, 2010

WCRP, Kawkariet Township, Karen State, Burma: “During this year, the use and sale of Ya Ba [methamphetamine] among the teenage population of Kawkariet Township is increasing”, says a drug user from Kawkariet Township. Read more

NUP campaign promises immunity from regime abuses

September 2, 2010

HURFOM: While the USDP has thus far dominated most accounts of government support and abuse against civilians prior to the 2010 election, the NUP has also returned to again contest Burma’s national election. The NUP, intending to raise membership and support before going to the polls, has been coercing the support of voters through incentives of protection against current government abuses. This tactic indicates strong ties with government support despite election laws. Read more

ND-Burma Network release groundbreaking report on SPDC taxation abuses

September 1, 2010

This morning the Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma (ND Burma Network), a multi-ethnic collective of 13 member organizations, of which HURFOM is an active part, released a groundbreaking new report entitled “We have to give them so much that our stomachs are empty of food: The Hidden Impact of Burma’s Arbitrary and Corrupt Taxation”, that details the impacts of widespread and oppressive taxation. Read more

SPDC soldiers arbitrarily shoot villager and boy

August 31, 2010

HURFOM, Pegu Division: An SPDC column recently relocated to a new patrol zone in Kyauk Kyi Township shot a villager tending his cattle in a field with no apparent warning or justification. Besides killing the villager, a boy was also injured and is receiving treatment. This comes as the 12th outright execution of a resident by SPDC battalions in Kyauk Kyi Township since the start of 2010. Read more

SPDC Battalion uses forced porters as human shield against land mines and further attack

August 24, 2010

HURFOM, Kyarinnseikyi: As a consequence of the increasing skirmishes between SPDC and KNLA forces in the southern part of Karen State, villagers have been subjected to several incidents of forced portering by SPDC units.  After several engagements, villagers were pressed into portering service by SPDC soldiers in apparent retribution for the KNLA assaults. In multiple instances these civilian porters were intentionally used by SPDC as human shields to protect the advancing columns from additional assaults or the presence of landmines along the road. Read more

“They think we are not human”: Strategic abuses threaten local economy

August 6, 2010


This month the Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM) documents the perpetuation of human rights violations by the State Peace and Development Councilís (SPDCís) army units that are reminiscent of the previous anti-insurgent ë4-cutsí policy. Despite the supposed discontinuation of these systematized abuses, research clearly indicates that these violations are continually put in use to target ethnic groups located in the southern part of Mon State and northern part of Tenasserin Division.

Adobe Acrobat PDFDownload report as PDF [2.1 MB] Read more

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