Junta attacks NMSP controlled area and injures seven villagers

February 12, 2024

HURFOM: On February 7th, 2024, the junta targeted Kyone Long old village, Ye Township, Mon State, with multiple artillery attacks, injuring seven villagers including a child and destroying a house.

The village is under the control of the New Mon State Party (NMSP).

The 316th Artillery Regiment based in Ye Township is responsible for the attack. There were no on-going, armed clashes in the area, but the regiment launched five indiscriminate artillery attacks on the village.

One of the artillery shells exploded on a house and injured seven family members – a ten-year-old child, five men and a woman. The house was also destroyed by the explosion.

They got information that “Ye Ba Loo” group (a local revolutionary force) was there so they launched the artillery attacks. They shot artillery weapons from 6 pm to 9 pm,” said a Kyone Long villager.

The injured victims received treatment at Well Zin village tract hospital of the NMSP. Approximately 300 villagers have fled their homes due to the artillery attacks.

Armed clashes have happened frequently in the village. We’re always running away. The village is quiet as there are no comings and goings,” said a displaced villager.


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