Burmese soldiers extort villagers in Tha Yet Chaung

September 15, 2023

A Burmese military unit established their base in Ya Ngae village, Tha Yet Chaung Township, Dawei District, Tenasserim Division and opened a check-point.

They use the check-point to extort 5,000 MMK from every villager who wants to pass through, locals reported HURFOM.

In June 2023, the military junta banned travel through Ya Ngae village but in late August, 2023, Burmese soldiers informed villagers that with 10 million MMK, they would lift the ban.

The military called villagers who have to pass through Ya Nage village to negotiate with them. No one can fulfill their demand. Then, the military said they would allow travel through the village but every passenger must pay 5,000 MMK,” said a local villager.

Residents from Ka Nat Thiri, Kywe Min Gone and Kyauk Kha Mount must pass through Ya Ngae to reach Dawei City.

The amount is too much and villagers are worried they will demand more money when there is a reshuffle of commanders at the military base. Most drivers don’t want to pay this extortion money,” said a local resident.

Tha Ye Chaung Police Station also extorts money from passengers who have to use Dawei-Myike Highway Road.


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