Junta’s artillery and air assaults kill women and children in Kaw Ka Rate

June 2, 2023

HURFOM: The military junta is targeting innocent civilians in the area controlled by the 6th Brigade of the Karen National Liberation Army in Kaw Ka Rate Township, Karen State. They have launched artillery and air assaults nearly every day.

In the month of April, 2023, the junta launched 184 artillery attacks and 31 air assaults targeting Kaw Ka Rate.  The attacks killed and injured innocent civilians including women and children.

On May 25, the 13th Military Operation Command (MOC) and the 97th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) based in Kyaik Don intentionally launched an artillery attack targeting civilians. A 13-year-old child was killed, and an eight-year, and two young men were injured,” said a local villager.

On May 28, the junta launched an artillery attack targeting Kyone Doe, injuring a child and two women.  Six houses were also destroyed.

According to villagers from Kaw Ka Rate the 97th MOC and the 231st LIB operate under the order of the 12th MOC, which also  launched artillery attacks targeting innocent civilians.

The 6th Brigade of the KNLA reported these attacks have resulted in the destruction of  387 religious buildings, schools, public health clinics and houses.  Additionally, 12 houses were burnt down by the junta’s artillery and air assaults.

Villagers have abandoned their farms and plantations and fled the area.


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