Junta to set up an interim government that will run an August election

January 19, 2023

HURFOM: According to a source close to the Minister within the military junta, planning is underway to set up an interim government in February, 2023.  This body will be tasked with carrying out a national election in August. 

The National Unity Government (NUG) has announced they would do everything to stop such an election, which they believe is being organized by the junta to favour the military.

Skepticism is growing  as to how free and fair such an election may be if organized by the junta.

An interim government will be formed and the government will organize the election. The junta will try their best to (predetermine) the election outcome, said the source.

Speculation is also growing as to what this development may bring.

They have been preparing for the election, they will test the resistance of the opposition. If the resistance isn’t too strong, they will conduct the election. If there is strong resistance from the people and opposition forces,  and if there are more and more armed clashes, the military will arrange a coup (abolish the constitution) and rule by martial law, continued the source.


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