2,000 villagers flee their homes in Pu Law

December 24, 2022

HURFOM: The military council launched a heavy armed attack in Pu Law Township, Myeik District, Tenasserim Division in the first week of December, 2022.  In response 2,000 villagers from 20 villages fled their homes and have been unable to return.

The military also launched artillery attacks on nearby  villages. 

When entering into villages, the military junta randomly shoot their weapons. The villagers are in  fear and flee. Given this  situation , it is impossible to return home. The villagers are afraid the military will destroy their (empty) houses, said one resident.

Some villagers have fled to cities,  others have sought safe shelter at nearby plantations. Villagers’ livelihood are under threat and those with  health problems fear how they will manage over the coming winter.


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