Villagers flee as military tension grows in Kyarinnseikyi

December 6, 2022

HURFOM: The  Burmese military is reinforcing and mobilizing their troops to launch an attack on an area controlled by Brigade #6 of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) located in Kyarinnseikyi Township, Karen State.

Villagers are worried about the potential for an armed clash and are fleeing their homes, report local residents.

Burmese military officials informed an Abbot in Kyarinnseikyi that if the KNLA and the People’s Defense Forces (PDF) launch another attack, the Burmese troops will enter Karen territory.   The military is poised to enter via Thanbyuzayat – Three Pagodas Pass, Kha Lae – Da Gon Die and Eastern Zami River Routes and indications are they will launch a counter attack.

Now, the Burmese troops are near Thanbyuzayat – Three Pagodas Pass, Kha Lae – Da Gon Die and Eastern Zami River Routes. If the Karen forces pull the trigger, the Burmese army will launch their attack, said a villager who has closely monitored the military movement and situation in Kyarinnseikyi Township.

After the KNLA and the PDF attacked and occupied the Taung Kalay Police Station, hundreds of Burmese troops entered Aye Chan Myine and Kha Lae – Da Gon Die area and established their bases.

Villages in Kha Lae – Da Gon Die are full of Burmese troops. There are no villagers. They already fled from their homes. The Burmese troops have occupied houses and monasteries. The Karen troops are at Nan Tie Tun. They are very close. If the armed clash takes place, all villages will be destroyed. Now, tension is growing, said a tea shop owner from Kha Lae – Da Gon Die area.

Due to the growing tensions, no one is able to use the Thanbyuzayat – Three Pagodas Pass Road and villagers fear the Burmese military will launch an air assault and artillery attacks at homes and villages if an armed clash breaks out.


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