Weekly Overview: Human Rights Situation in Mon State, Karen State, and Tanintharyi Region
Fourth Week of November 2022

November 28, 2022

HURFOM: During the last week of November 2022 in Southeastern Burma, civilians were met with more devastation, fear and havoc by the military junta. The Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM) has continued to document human rights violations in Mon State, Karen State and the Tanintharyi region. Civilians are being increasingly targeted as the Burma Army acts with no moral consciousness or concept of consequences. Soldiers lack humanity and an understanding of basic human rights norms, laws, and principles. Consequently, civilians are forced to face brutal assaults. Women, children, and the elderly are not sparred, nor are sacred sites such as religious places of worship (monasteries, churches, etc.).

On November 19, beginning at 5 AM, an estimated 120 junta soldiers from the Costal Regiment Command, based along the Dawei to Htee-Khee highway motorway, indiscriminately fired several mortar shells at the village located beside the highway. Due to these cruel armed attacks launched by the Junta forces, at least two villagers were injured, and more than ten houses were destroyed, according to sources on the ground.

Hundreds of villagers from three villages located in the areas, such as the village from Thingan-Ton, Wa Kone, and Leik-Kyae-Pyaung, were forced to flee the artillery attacks. Villagers said that in Wakone, the Burma Army ransacked the road with artillery weapons and occupied the areas.

One villager described the scene as ‘bullets falling like rainfall.” They continued, “It seems like the junta troops attempted to fire everywhere because they believed that the soldiers of the People’s Defense Forces were located in our villages.” Two young men, Myo Nyunt and Ko Myo, working on betel nut plantations near Wakone village, were hit by artillery shells and injured in their backs and neck. 

A resident from Leik-Kyae-Pyaung village said that the junta forces opened fire with heavy weapons, entered their village, broke the ownerless houses, raided at least ten places, and stole food and clothes. Only two weeks ago, more than 30 houses in Wakone village were broken down, and their belongings and materials were stolen.

Young people are being subjected to ongoing arrests, and unlawful detainment as the Burma Army carries out its campaign of fear and terror. Since November 19, eight youths have been abducted in a series of raids and search operations of suspected organizers of the ongoing silence strikes by the junta forces in Dawei District.

Family members of those arrested complained that because they captured the suspects without specific information, irrelevant people were affected. On November 20, Ma Khin Lay Nwe, a young woman, age 26, was arrested by the military intelligence and police forces. Her family maintains her innocence, saying she has opened a beauty shop in her home. A witness, age 30, told HURFOM in light of all the arrests, he suspects the military has not been successful in finding those responsible for planning and organizing the silence strikes. HURFOM confirmed that those who were forcibly arrested are still being detained at the Long Lon police station. Families believed these young detainees were tortured by the polices and jail authorities while interrogated.

The junta has also not hesitated to shoot with intent to kill. On 20 November, around 2 PM in Long Lon township, the Burma Army was inspecting pedestrians in front of the Public Hospital in Long Lon, when they opened fire on two young men on a motorcycle. One of them was seriously injured in his back. The other was caught and arrested. In that incident, the junta forces shot at two other innocent teenagers walking on the road. The two victims are siblings from Tha-byar Village; residents stated that 15-year-old Maung Wei Yan Aung died from a gunshot wound at the hospital.

 These attacks are further evidence of the impunity of the military junta.


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