Ye MUP refuses to take a position on Ye Military Council

August 9, 2022

HURFOM: The junta-controlled Union Election Commission approved the use of a “Proportional Representation (PR) System” for  the upcoming election.

Critics have also pointed out that since this development the  military junta has been trying to change/manipulate the numbers of constituencies, including calling for some townships to become deemed as districts,  in order to advance their political power.

Previously, Mon State had just two districts —  now it has four districts – Mawlamyine, Thaton, Kyike Hto and Ye.

On July 1, 2022, the Mon State military council visited Ye to open their district-level military council office.  The military council then made an offer to the Mon Unity Party (MUP) to take a position on the military council.

The military council has given the MUP a position in the Ye district military council. But after the discussion among the leaders, MUP replied that they didn’t want to make a contribution to the Ye district military council, said a person who is close to the Central Executive Committee of the MUP.

Resistance to the military junta has been increasing and armed clashes, explosions and killings occur nearly every day in Ye Township.

The MUP shouldn’t participate in (the Ye district military council). The current condition of Ye Township isn’t very good. After considering every aspect, the MUP replied (to the Ye district military council) that they didn’t have a suitable member to take a position on the council, said a person who is close to senior members of the MUP.

Despite this local development the MUP has taken each position in the Mon State and the State/Union military council.


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